Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wayang time..!!

Hye lovelies,
Last week me and my kiddos went to watch movie...Alice in Wonderland. I'm so excited because that was the first time i brought my little tod (Suri) along. Usually i went to watch movies either with good friend of mine or with my eldest doter. I felt quite worried..Yup, because i don't know how would she react when we get there. But my husband says..xpe, kalu dia nangis bwk dia keluar kejap..

But, once we entered the movie she seems very courious when she saw the commercials on the big screen. And she's more comfortable with a bucket full of pop corns on her hands. The best part is there's just our family and one or two couples inside. The place was our's!! Yeahh..that was Tuesday though..I love Mad Hatter (Mr Depp). Like his character more than others. Also in love with the White Queen (Anne Hathaways). Part which she wanted to take the dragon's blood to give it to Alice. Funny to see her expression yang macam nk control ayu tu. And the best moment when i saw my kid's faces, they really enjoyed it so much. In fact they asked us to watch another movie 'How to Train Your Dragon' after this.

And my dear Suri, she's sleeping really tight and even the louds doesn't bother her anyways...

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