Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pointless blog post..

I am writing this evening from the cozy room at Equatorial Hotel KL while my three gals are enjoying their nappies under the comfy blanket. So - I am reading over my last blog post and suddenly realise it has been quite sometime since I inked it! It is hard to sum up what happens here, mainly because i am sick looking at the traffic jam in front of this hotel. I have to take a monorail just to get myself out of this place and the bullet is always full house!! Pretty bonkers lahh..

Technically I am still in the accute phase, which is sucks. But looking at my kids while they are sleeping are so adorable. These days i really struggled to please myself. They're making noise a lot which is making me headache. They don't trouble me much and i myself knows how bad my stress accumulating. But i do trying my best to be a good mum to them...their laughing, crying, giggles can turn our emotions into a masterpiece...or sometimes a 'madness' of frankly thought...I wish i could drifting off to sleep like them but hardly because i'm waiting for my husband to get here..still..he's in the traffic jam..pissed!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hallo loves..

I know i've been married for almost 8 years and having three growing kids. But that doesn't mean i can't live this life crazily. For me i don't need to be LADY GAGA to gagas my day. I loves being myself and rock my day with these pieces of shirts which i called nutty tees. This gorgeous pick is from the Rock Shop at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Actually it spotted my hubby's eyes at first and he bought a piece for me. The other one was from Penang as well when i was on holiday last week. I couldn't resist my eyes on it the moment i saw it! It's just too adorable. It may look simple but dear trust me, it could be better to spice up the outfit with your skinnies!! Or just finish off the look with a denim jacket! Believe me, i got this gorgeous denim with a very reasonable price.

Now all i need is a new jeans from Levi's and a pair of sneakers to dazzling it! Husband, buy for me please..the last one you bought is quite tight now...(yeah, i gain my what?!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

stress buster

my dear's your weekends? i just got back from a short holiday with my hubby and kids. just spent our ujung minggu at hard rock hotel, penang. not so far from our house ooa one and a half hour to get there. it was all of sudden planned, i really need a break from tons of works at home. i personally found the hotel's full of cosmo charm and blending with urban retreat. and it was great with their family-friendly swimming pools, the bands, the rock shops and a comfy rooms which is fitted with the finest amenities. thank you to the hotel's secluded huge pools and well-equipped facilities. besides we can park our toddlers at the kiddies room just facing the pools. mum and dad can have some private time together at the beach while kiddos are being taking care at the bilik kanak2. nice kan?! how about if you just go and have a look at their website.
oh i give credits to them?? wasn't wrong i guess.

perhaps you'll find your new spot for your next holiday...the pasar malam (night market) at feringghi was cool too (even the weather was steamy though). loads of fake designers brands were sold there. from designer bags to not soo okay brands. you name it! i don't realised that i was walking through the pasar malam more than 2 turning back i think it should be more than 4 kms. at the end after i entered the room my foot was terribly hurts. planned to watch the band performs at the hard rock cafe was burned too..i just need a good sleep...after a longgg day spending time buzzing around the island.