Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Men can BREASTFEED...too??

Hye love,

I've bought this magazine last month but haven't read it because i left it in my my car under the pile of shoe boxes. So i just found it by accident while looking for my sneakers few days ago. And last night i have a look at it just to make my eyes sleepy but all of a sudden the eyes remain wide open when i saw a report in the magazine and it's very readable.

Seriously, after I've read it i realised on the other side of the continent there are men who really loves doing this JOB. It's natural thing for us women to breastfeed our baby. It's sounds awkward but according to the experts men can produce milk and breastfeed too..!!

Oh really? But the question is, can they really do it?

The report says,

"Men's nipples are not as useless as we think. If they used a breast pump every day for 20 minutes on each side, after a few weeks they will produce milk." (Dr. Fiona Giles)
WOW!! What do you think? Are they really want to give it a go??

Here in our country...I'm not sure.

Some more in the report, men cannot produce milk spontaneously, but stimulation with a breast pump, taking hormones and psychological desire to do so can bring on milk production..and what's more interesting - their milks are very rich in protien..WOW babies should starts looking for daddies when it comes to feeding time.

Besides why should they have nipples isn't it? Forgive me, just kidding.

Husband, I'm tired of breastfeeding your 2 year old baby...can you help me please?? Maybe you'll look more sexier after all...and i'm gonna LOVE YOU more...hahaha..

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