Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pointless blog post..

I am writing this evening from the cozy room at Equatorial Hotel KL while my three gals are enjoying their nappies under the comfy blanket. So - I am reading over my last blog post and suddenly realise it has been quite sometime since I inked it! It is hard to sum up what happens here, mainly because i am sick looking at the traffic jam in front of this hotel. I have to take a monorail just to get myself out of this place and the bullet is always full house!! Pretty bonkers lahh..

Technically I am still in the accute phase, which is sucks. But looking at my kids while they are sleeping are so adorable. These days i really struggled to please myself. They're making noise a lot which is making me headache. They don't trouble me much and i myself knows how bad my stress accumulating. But i do trying my best to be a good mum to them...their laughing, crying, giggles can turn our emotions into a masterpiece...or sometimes a 'madness' of frankly thought...I wish i could drifting off to sleep like them but hardly because i'm waiting for my husband to get here..still..he's in the traffic jam..pissed!!

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