Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holiday at Terengganu

A week ago, my friend and i went to Terengganu. I remembered during our holiday we went to a place called Pasar Payang. There's plenty of shops selling a beautiful fabrics especially batik and songket. One of the salesgirl offered me to buy batik. Instead of that i'd asked her about fridge magnets. Lucky me, loads of fm were sells at the batik shop. I bought for five pieces. Cheaper than the fabrics of course ha..ha..ha..

More Transformers!

Another gift from beloved hubby. Yesterday he came home with these 3d transformers fm. The Optimus Prime and the Bumble Bee. Splendid dearie!! It was a blast having a partner who is really supportive and insightful when it comes to cash

Friday, June 19, 2009

i'm a magnet mania..

hi all readers, a few months ago i've acquired a new hobby besides spending my money (hubby's actually) buying shoes and fragrances. collecting fridge magnets is one of my favourite. to date i have collecting on or about 130 pieces of them. these coloured hairs of dolls
are my daughters'. pity her, mummy just rembat them from your room :) out transformers are coming. these 3d fridge magnets are the most expensive FM that i bought so far. thinking to buy a few more of transformers FM to filling up my collections. what about this pirate's skull aka can opener? it's a gift from my sister. dunno where did she bought this FM for me but this is what i like most. thanx sis.

i can't afford to buy a luxury car but i have more than just a car for free!! loads of thanx to my hubby, without him dunno where do i park these cars...tih! tih! tih! what are fridge magnets without a BIG FRIDGE right???

just for viewing..enjoy!