Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy nu year 2010.

auld lang syne..happy nu year to all.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

dun let emo work..

salam friends..a week to pull it off. how am going to tiptoe the party? it's just a simple gathering at a small coffee house. but yet is practical enough for friends who has children to bring their tiny tots along. at first there were 17 of my former classmates excitedly to joint the get-together-again party but sadly partly of them came out with sooo many excuses which i dunno wheather they were true or not...i have to stay calm and relax to handle the difficult situations ahead. but arghhhh..that was a beautiful liar. i'm stressed and i don't know how much for me personally can cope with it. in one magazine i read, 'the impact of stress in our life is far more complicated.'
a great stress busters i.e having a tea break with a few friends will less hassle the preparation to party plan i hope.
thinking positively, the downsizing of number of the crew will not make the ship sank right?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

welcome home buddies!!

dearest and my girlfriend are planning to set a reunion dinner here in taiping. our former classmates year 96 will be coming over this nu year eve.'s been a longgg time we haven't seen each other especially when they were out of our hometown. so, we have to choose the right place in making sure our friends stays happy, excited and mostly entertained during the night. right now, i'm checking out with the hotel about the costs. and the most important, the dinner should be nice without spending a bomb!! i've been making a huge phone calls, e-mails since past few days. well dear, i think there's nothing wrong rewarding ourselves a 'good nite' after a long hard day working at our office or at home for god sake! it's too much to tell and they'll never ends. these uncertain times require us to find a quality times to pampering ourselves. after all, when it comes to precious moments with someone(s) who used to be your friends before, you just can't put a price on it! it's priceless friends!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

brick by boring brick

holaaa lovelies...weekend's coming again. my life is sooo miserable right now. everything's seems to be bored since raining is heavily every single day in taiping. i'm counting days and it's been a week my husband has left home for working. during dis school holidays, where can we go without him. i just back from my mom's house. i thought been there would made my days going to be better but i caught in the middle of family matter. so, going back to my own house is the best solution. pity my daughters, of course they love staying in kampung. okay, i'll try to make them happy by taking them to the mall nearby. and by the way they have to attending their piano lessons next week. i have to let them practicing so they can play better. and what about myself? after all the work is done, i'll grab my sony ericsson and start listerning to my favourite band. PARAMORE...see ya later...

Monday, December 14, 2009

hi, i'm back..

salam all, how's your day? i'm sorry, it's been a week i haven't write anything here. my days was so hectic since my hubby going back to offshore. and all of sudden anak kecek kesayanganku demam panas. past few nites, takde lagi tido yg syurrr utk aku. but thank Allah after 4 days demam, she's start laughing again. tak ada apa yg menyeronokkan bila anak sihat semula. sebenarnya, jd single mama (sbb hubby kerja outstation) buat kita jd independent but at de same time sgt susah hati. dulu waktu husband sailing, paling lama kena tinggal pun 8,9 bulan. skrg dah keje kt offshore senang ati ckit, once a fortnight husband ada dgn family. cuma yg merunsingkan time husband takde tulah anak2 selalu buat hal. memang stressfull sgt. hopefully you guys (mommas' over there) yg have to face the same situation as mine selalu strong okay!

Monday, December 7, 2009

ari isnin dtg lg. as a mother coti2 nih mcm ari biasa gak. hubbyku ada driving lessons. bwk keta dh almost 10 years tp just recently dpt L. kalu aku x registered sampai pencen janggut putih la dia bwk keta xde lesen. jap lg nk kuar cari present tuk belated bdays my doters. gals..dua2 nk music box, aku ingat nk bg keta control leh aku tumpang main sama nnt tp anak2 aku suma kepala 'aweks' tak biol cam aku. kt sape aku nk turunkan jurus peringkat ke-18 ni nnt?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

nu leather bag for self...

hi turun ipoh town. plan asal nk gi tukar tiket hubbyku. yesterday, boss dia kt offshore tpon suwuh naik keje awal. since duit da lg aku decided nk wat suping ckit. as a fulltime mama, aku mmg xde gaji bulanan. so duit belen2 gaji hubbyku tulah salary aku every month. lg syokkan..smlm blk kg umah makku and sadly jean levi's skinny kesayanganku tertinggal kt sana. tak senang ati aku. plan td nk sambar selai suar levi's baru. tgh fitting tdengar anak kecekku meraung. trus aku kuar bg blk suar jean tu kat salesgal. pas setel baby nangis, mata aku trus nampak butik fossil. rembat sling bag seketul, sengal betul lingkup bajet. tp xleh nk nyesal la sbb bag tu nyaris2 sama cam sling bag coach idamanku. kalu nk beli bag coach tu ranap la gaji hubbyku. last week aku br je zero kan aku punya bill kad kedit. ari ni kasi tambah semula..memang sengall...

p/s - tq husband sbb senyum je tgk bill kad kedit ada angka semula.. (senyum tp dlm ati tumbuh bulu agaknye) wink! wink!