Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Bday to self!

January 19th is coming again. it's pretty scary that how fast year after year keep moving on. Imagine in a blink of an eye we evolved from an innocent school chic to a super duper mom. Another new chapter in life. There's nothing special on my birthday. With no hubby around...i wonder today is just an ordinary day like always. Roaming around the town to settling errands. I should know there will be days when we have to deal with disappointment. But the main solution is do not taking it seriously and simplify thing. Out of blue, i got a call from my love to wish me then. Hmm..not forgetting my best buddy Liza came over with couple of cakes from Secret Recipe. Yummy..choc indulgence and pecan cheese cake, all time favourites. Thanks so much for your intentions fren. But the best gift ever today, both my daughters gave me birthday cards. My eldest girl Sophie using her meal allowance to buy a cute card and skipped her lunch at school. Sarah made her own cuty card. Not just from her but on behalf of her daddy as well. I dunno when they did it but yet it's so generous from them. Love you, my girls! I pray to Allah that i will always strength, healthy and able to taking care of my family by giving them the best life has to offer. Main important is i wanna stay happy with my self. Happy Birthday to me!

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