Tuesday, February 16, 2010

howt n dizzy...

hi all, quite sometime i haven't place anything in this page. i really dunno why i've been sooo not in the mood to write. the weather around here is very hot and steamy. so does my situation right now..how are you guys? i just got back from my parents' house yesterday. few minutes ago one of my chinese neighbour calling me from outside..owhh..he just wanna give me a bunch of titbids for chinese new year. when i take a look at the stuffs inside it's just an ordinary gift i.e. oranges, peanuts, chinese cakes and guess what?? that was super spooky gift, six cans of beers. warghhh!! i gotta get myself ting tong tonight..hahaha....yeah baby!! yet, still sober..hahaha..

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