Wednesday, January 13, 2010

nu day..

halo love, how's everyones' lives? hopefully your situations better than mine. i've been thru a very buzzy week. everything seems harder and harder without a man around at home. my house is on renovations. dirts from sands, cements and stuffs are everywhere surrounding us. there's no gate, no sliding grill and i wonder my kids and i are in terrify situation. jerks like junkies or thieves could slide in at anytime when they have chance. my goodness, gotta get rid of this feeling i guess. but how?? please help me Lord, save us from people who has bad intentions to us. we've heard so many stories about all this. that was pretty eye opening for me or you as well? everythings happen are grace of God. we as a slave just have our prays and i'm praying Allah will be with us at all time to accompany us while our man is not around. i'll always thought i couldn't get enough sleep at nite while my mind still thinking about all bad things that could be happened. but when your body is really tired, my eyes just can't say no. time for me to picking up my kids at school. hope to write again soon.

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