Saturday, January 2, 2010

get da party started.

frenz dearie, our reunion dinner just finished few hours ago. at first it was so compelling. just waza, liza and me and we felt a little stitched. but we managed to assuage ourselves by having a lite meals before others coming. have you ever heard a phrase like 'Brownie will turns into a Boggart?' that will happen if they fail to show up!! hahaha..
after a while (half an hour actually) all of them starts showing up with big smiles. thank god! all i've heard was the chatters, chuckles and it was very happy moments!! i then figured it out that we were bonding to each other before. we used to.. everything we did during our school time were tremendous. went to the rm1 karaoke session, paid another rm3 for jamming with the boys. it's all child's play to us. we were torn apart for more than 10 years!! quarter past ten and it's time for wine down buddies. we had our best day and zillion thanx to you frenz for making our gathering really happened! my biggest wish, our next reunion will be better than this and more frez will make effort to come. not too late i think to wish all of you Happy New Year. may Allah bless our lives with lots of luv. aminnn..

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