Monday, January 18, 2010

Real Hampehhh...

Hola lovelies,
have you ever think that you'll get involve into an accident? Don't ever! All of sudden, a moron jumped on the red light when i was driving ahead (with my baby!). My heart turned to be super skinny and i can hear my own heart beating. Maybe he's an alien from Pandora who doesn't recognised colors or a creature who's color blind. Thank god i was at low gear at that time and the moron just stared at me like i was the one who drove like wild. Hilarious to believe that he's just ramp-up and gone without feeling guilty. I dunno how am i going to do if i hit that tiny brain and then i'll be blamed though..praise to God. I wish i could voodoo him and turn that Ostrich into a super bike.

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