Tuesday, December 22, 2009

welcome home buddies!!

dearest lovelies...me and my girlfriend are planning to set a reunion dinner here in taiping. our former classmates year 96 will be coming over this nu year eve. yayy...it's been a longgg time we haven't seen each other especially when they were out of our hometown. so, we have to choose the right place in making sure our friends stays happy, excited and mostly entertained during the night. right now, i'm checking out with the hotel about the costs. and the most important, the dinner should be nice without spending a bomb!! i've been making a huge phone calls, e-mails since past few days. well dear, i think there's nothing wrong rewarding ourselves a 'good nite' after a long hard day working at our office or at home for god sake! it's too much to tell and they'll never ends. these uncertain times require us to find a quality times to pampering ourselves. after all, when it comes to precious moments with someone(s) who used to be your friends before, you just can't put a price on it! it's priceless friends!!!

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