Saturday, December 26, 2009

dun let emo work..

salam friends..a week to pull it off. how am going to tiptoe the party? it's just a simple gathering at a small coffee house. but yet is practical enough for friends who has children to bring their tiny tots along. at first there were 17 of my former classmates excitedly to joint the get-together-again party but sadly partly of them came out with sooo many excuses which i dunno wheather they were true or not...i have to stay calm and relax to handle the difficult situations ahead. but arghhhh..that was a beautiful liar. i'm stressed and i don't know how much for me personally can cope with it. in one magazine i read, 'the impact of stress in our life is far more complicated.'
a great stress busters i.e having a tea break with a few friends will less hassle the preparation to party plan i hope.
thinking positively, the downsizing of number of the crew will not make the ship sank right?

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