Saturday, December 19, 2009

brick by boring brick

holaaa lovelies...weekend's coming again. my life is sooo miserable right now. everything's seems to be bored since raining is heavily every single day in taiping. i'm counting days and it's been a week my husband has left home for working. during dis school holidays, where can we go without him. i just back from my mom's house. i thought been there would made my days going to be better but i caught in the middle of family matter. so, going back to my own house is the best solution. pity my daughters, of course they love staying in kampung. okay, i'll try to make them happy by taking them to the mall nearby. and by the way they have to attending their piano lessons next week. i have to let them practicing so they can play better. and what about myself? after all the work is done, i'll grab my sony ericsson and start listerning to my favourite band. PARAMORE...see ya later...

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