Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hallo loves..

I know i've been married for almost 8 years and having three growing kids. But that doesn't mean i can't live this life crazily. For me i don't need to be LADY GAGA to gagas my day. I loves being myself and rock my day with these pieces of shirts which i called nutty tees. This gorgeous pick is from the Rock Shop at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Actually it spotted my hubby's eyes at first and he bought a piece for me. The other one was from Penang as well when i was on holiday last week. I couldn't resist my eyes on it the moment i saw it! It's just too adorable. It may look simple but dear trust me, it could be better to spice up the outfit with your skinnies!! Or just finish off the look with a denim jacket! Believe me, i got this gorgeous denim with a very reasonable price.

Now all i need is a new jeans from Levi's and a pair of sneakers to dazzling it! Husband, buy for me please..the last one you bought is quite tight now...(yeah, i gain my what?!)

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