Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramadhan terakhirkah??

Salam to all friends...So sorry for not writing quite sometime..Ada ke orang nk baca blog aku ni? There have been too much to write, too much to say and super much to think even this very special month only coming once a year but i'm still feeling i'm not doing good enough as a human? mother? wife? I dunno...these days puasa (fasting) is not only refrain from hunger and thirst but it's beyond than that. How about the abstinence from abstinence from the affairs of the world? I feel very sympathetic to a handful of Muslims who have grown but still difficult to do fast. They are not evil manners but fasting maybe a difficult thing for them...
We have recently seen a handful of Muslims are rejoicing at the non Muslim coffee shop. And some of them are old men. Pity they do not feel the delight of the month that this is probably the last Ramadhan we've ever seen.

How about some fast but do not pray? Is there I was wrong to talk about these things while I am not the best to talk about it? I myself often make mistakes and mistakes ..I hope I'm forgiven if the writing is a little disturbing to anyone who reads. They are very hard to fast while helping us to stand up during the fast is through prayer. Is not prayer is the second thing we must do before the fast?
Memetik kata-kata ibu mertuaku kepada cucu-cucunya termasuk anak-anakku:
"Macammana kita nak puasa kalau tiang yang kita guna untuk bersandar waktu penat tu tak kukuh, senget je? Mesti kita rasa tak selamat dan nak jatuh je, kan sayang?"

Not to be proud just to share, my children were taught to fast since they are four years old. And after three years they have been able to fast without complaining about hunger and thirst. Praise to Allah Yang Maha Besar. Hopefully what I wrote on this blog a bit much to help my friends and myself to become a better human. Although I am a funky mommy, religious matters still something that we hold on to our daily life...Amin dan selamat berpuasa to my friends dearie.

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