Monday, June 21, 2010

mummy got gifts for father's day??

hye's yer day? it's been a while i haven't place anything in this blog. school holiday was just over and i'm back to my home sweet home. but before i reach home, got these items from my beloved hubby. the first one is for my belated 9th anniversary and the other is for the father's day..father's day?
kuang, kuang...i'm supposed to give him something but instead i end up receiving the hadiah...i'm not working laaa...where got money mehh?? like always he likes to surprise me and he hates to see my poker face when he came home with the gifts...malu tapi mau laa, that poker face was the expression of overjoy..but then he said, just simplify thing - terima saja..
thank you, husband.

but hey, best find of da day - tadaaa!! i bought this pair of shoes or should i call funky sandals not over than rm100. luv it very much. it really suits my personality..and mostly always rockin' my day.

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